Branson Police Scam Alert

    The Branson Police Department issues a warning of a scam that attempts to make people believe they are in trouble with law enforcement.

    Complete information below from the Branson Police Department:

    Branson Police Department has been made aware that there are scammers claiming to be Branson Police calling people to let them know they have a warrant for their arrest. Don't fall victim to these scams!
    Four signs that it's a scam:
    ❌Scammers will PRETEND to be from an organization you know and try to sound official. They use technology to change the phone number that appears on your caller ID and can make it say a legitimate agency or number.
    ❌Scammers say there's a PROBLEM or a PRIZE.
    ❌Scammers PRESSURE you or SCARE you to act immediately.
    ❌Scammers tell you to PAY in a specific way.
    As a reminder:
    ▪️ No law enforcement agency will contact the public by phone or email about a traffic violation or a warrant for arrest. 
    ▪️ No legitimate agency will ask for payment over the phone or via email, ask you to click a link to make a payment, ask for a gift card or green dot card for payment.
    ▪️ No law enforcement agency will ask you to provide or verify personally identifiable information (PII) over the phone. Never give your personal or financial information in response to a request you did not expect. Legitimate organizations will not call, email or text to ask for your information.
    ▪️ Stop and talk to someone you trust before you do anything - tell them what happened, and talking about it may make you realize it's a scam.
    If you are contacted by someone claiming to be affiliated with a law enforcement or government agency and suspect a scam, we encourage you to HANG UP, then call 9-1-1 to verify the phone call.
    For more information about common scams or how to report scams/fraud can be found at FTC:

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