More Change Coming to City of Branson as Westfall Announces Retirement

    Lisa Westfall (Photo courtesy City of Branson)

    Though the public portion of the meeting was short on January 10th, the Branson Board of Aldermen held a lengthy Closed Executive Session which included the announcement of the retirement of City Clerk Lisa Westfall.

    Westfall has been with the City of Branson since 1989 and has been City Clerk since 2005. Westfall has also had two stints as Interim City Administrator, the latest earlier this year filling the role between the retirement of Stan Dobbins in April and the appointment of Cathy Stepp in October. Stepp confirmed the retirement of Westfall to the Branson Tri-Lakes News last week. 

    Westfall had the unique distinction of also serving several years on the Hollister School Board including several years as President of the Board while working with the City of Branson. 

    Westfall's last day on the job will be on February 10. 

    According to a report by Jason Wert from the Branson Tri-Lakes News, Westfall's retirement announcement led to a lengthy and contentious Closed Meeting of the Board of Aldermen which ended up resulting in a vote to remove Stepp as City Administrator. According to Wert's report, Aldermen Cody Fenton, Clay Cooper, and Chuck Rodriguez voted to remove Stepp with Ralph LeBlanc voting against the motion. By rules, four votes would have been required for Stepp's removal. Aldermen Ruth Denham had left the meeting prior to the vote due to illness while Aldermen Marshall Howden was not present at the meeting. 

    More information on these stories can be read on the Branson Tri-Lakes News Website. 

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