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Vivek Malek Appointed the Next State Treasurer of Missouri

Photo credit to KTLO/Associated Press

Governor Mike Parson announced his appointment of Vivek Malek as the next State Treasurer of the of Missouri during a press conference at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

Parson spoke about 45-year-old Malek's story and the impact it will have on future Missouri citizens. “Vivek’s story is inspiring proof that the American Dream can and will live on for the next generation of Missourians,” Parson said. The governor referenced a former president and commented on the importance of immigration.

“President Reagan once said immigrants are one of the greatest sources of American greatness, and both Vivek and I agree. Through our shared values, Vivek helps legal immigrants embrace our nation and achieve their American Dream too,” he said. Additionally, Parson expressed expectations for Malek’s service.

“As a Republican, strong capitalist, and conservative Missourian, we know Vivek will be a principled leader who works hard every day to safeguard the people’s money and bring opportunity to Missouri families and their communities,” he said. Malek, who launched his law firm in 2011, talked about the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

"It is the honor of my life to be able to serve as the next State Treasurer of the State of Missouri, and I promise to give the job and the people of Missouri my all and best," Malek said. The practicing attorney, owner and operator of the Law Offices of Vivek Malek said the “American Dream is alive and well.” He has practiced law since 2000 and practiced in Missouri since 2006.

Parson highlighted Vivek’s success not only in law but also as a husband and father. Parson also mentioned Vivek’s early effort to pursue the “American Dream.” “When Vivek came to this country with just $300 in his pocket, he didn’t look for handouts or make excuses,” he said.

Instead, Parson said Vivek “respected every opportunity” that Missouri and this country offered. He emphasized Vivek’s work ethic, education and the impact the successful attorney has on others.

“He worked hard, completed his education, and now owns and operates a successful legal practice that helps others achieve their own American Dream, and we are proud to appoint him as the next State Treasurer,” Parson said. Vivek offered advice for people who forgot the “American Dream” isn’t dead.

Anyone who has forgotten need only realize his or her God given potential,” he said.

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