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Missouri Task Force Looks at Supply Chain Issues

A new Missouri task force is forming to address the ongoing supply chain crisis.

According to an Ozarks First Report by Ashley Eddy, Gov. Mike Parson recently established the Missouri Supply Chain Task Force to better analyze how goods are being moved.

The task force will be co-chaired by the Director of the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Director of the Office of Workforce Development.

Director of Workforce Development, Dr. Mardy Leathers, said they will be analyzing the supply chain problems from the labor, infrastructure, transportation, and distribution viewpoints.

“We have to make sure we have the workers to do the work, to move the goods and services around the state, but we have to have the systems and the infrastructure to make sure that we can also move those goods and services around the state effectively,” Leathers said.

Leathers said they plan on talking to numerous stakeholders directly to learn more about what they can do to resolve these ongoing problems.

“How do we increase access to CDL training?” Leathers asked. “Part of that means that we have to have the training, but another part of that means we have to have availability of testing. All of the testings go through the Highway Patrol. We’re partnering with the Highway Patrol to make sure they’re ready and able to take in this flood, potentially, of new CDL testers.”

This could mean, he said, looking at funding, training people to co-work with technology, and analyzing the hiring crisis as it relates to the supply chain.

“We are the crossroads of America,” Leathers said. “We have two major rivers, we have multiple major highways, we have a rail system that comes through us.”

After looking at the issue from multiple sides, Leathers said they’ll put together a report that will go to the governor with a list of recommendations.

(Story by Ashley Eddy, Ozarks First)

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