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Central Taney County Firefighter Loses Home, Account Set-Up to Help

A firefighter with the Central Taney County Fire Protection District fights a fire at his own house.

The full story below by Chris Carlson, Branson Tri-Lakes News:

A firefighter for the Central Taney County Fire Protection District lost his own home to a fire in the early morning hours of Thursday, Dec. 1.

Narrowly escaping the house which was engulfed in fire, the firefighter went to the station to grab a fire truck to fight the fire. Though every effort was made by himself and other firefighters to save the home, the home and everything in it were a total loss.

Firefighter Rebecca Murphy spoke on behalf of the fire district, detailing the events of the early morning hours.

“The fire was in Taneyville. The suspicion is it started as an electrical fire underneath the home,” Murphy said. “The firefighter woke up surrounded by flames and had to bail with just the clothes on his back. He was able to call 911 and actually went to the station, got the apparatus and was the first apparatus on scene. He and one of our captains, together. They were on scene for a little over three hours, almost four hours. He was able to get his vehicle away from the home.”

Murphy said the fact the firefighter left his own home to go get equipment to fight the fire shows his character.

“It really is the kind of person he is,” Murphy said.

Murphy said the firefighter is working to sort out his living situation.

“He has essentials. His family has provided some clothing and shoes and are trying to help him figure out a place and where he's gonna live next,” Murphy said. “He lost all of his hunting equipment. He lost a freezer full of food; a freezer full of meat. He’s a bare bones kind of guy.”

urphy said those who wish to help with the firefighter’s needs can contact the Central Taney County Fire Protection District by contacting them at (417) 546-2775 or by messaging them on Facebook.

A gofundme fundraiser has been set up to help the firefighter, who has not been named in order to protect his privacy as he takes time to deal with his loss. The fundraiser was set up by members of  the Central Taney County Fire Protection District, which is asking for people to donate to the fund and to share it with others, if they feel led to. 

The fundraiser can be found at https://gofund.me/f3642935.

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